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Safety Information

Personalized Safety

Safety at Home

  • If I need shelter, the domestic violence hotline is (330) 823-7223.
  • I will tell_________________ about the violence and ask them to call the police if they hear signs of violence coming from my house.
  • I will be sure my children know our address and can give it to the police and fire department.
  • I will get a programmable phone, or if I have one, I will program emergency numbers into it.
  • I will teach my children to auto dial or call 911.
  • I will avoid making long-distance calls from the home phone because my partner can learn whom I called by looking at the phone bill.
  • When I expect my partner and I are going to have an argument, I will try to move to a place where I am less at risk, such as _________________ (avoid the garage, bathroom, kitchen, rooms where there are weapons, and rooms with no outside exit).
  • I will use my judgement and intuition to determine if the situation is serious. I will, where possible, give my partner what he wants until the situation is under control and I/we are out of danger.
  • I will teach the protections to some/all of my children, where appropriate.

Planning Ahead for Leaving

  • If it’s not safe to talk openly, I will use___________________ as the code word/signal to my children, family or friends that we are coming or leaving home.
  • My safety route out of my home will be________________________.
  • I will rehearse my escape plan and, if appropriate, practice it with my children.
  • My purse and car keys are kept_______________________________.
  • I will leave money and an extra set of keys with___________________.
  • I will leave extra clothes with_______________________.
  • I will keep important documents and copies of important documents at _________________________________________________________.
  • If I have to leave, I will go to _______________________________.
  • If I can’t go there, I will go to_______________________________.
  • Have your abuser’s social security number and license plate number with you to provide the police.
  • Bring medications, prescriptions, hearing aids, glasses, and etc.

Independent Measures Before Leaving

  • I will ask for help in planning from the domestic violence program.
  • I will keep change and important numbers with me at all times.
  • I will open my own bank account in my name.
  • I will take classes, get my G.E.D. (if necessary) and get job skills to get a better paying job.
  • I will get a mailbox at a private mailbox company and receive my personal mail there.
  • I will increase my independence in other ways __________________________.

Safety at Home After Leaving

  • I will install deadbolts where I live.
  • I will change the locks where I live.
  • I will check all my windows for access from the outside and take steps to bar entry into my home through the windows.
  • I will replace all wooden doors with steel/metal doors.
  • I can install an outside lighting system that lights up when someone approaches.
  • I can purchase rope ladders to be used for escape routes from the second floor.
  • I will purchase fire extinguishers.
  • I will install smoke detectors on every floor.
  • If affordable, I will install a security system in my home.
  • I will teach my children how to reach me if they are concerned for their own safety.
  • I will inform the school or others who take care of my children about who has permission to pick up my children, and I will make sure the school personnel can recognize these people.
  • I will give those who take care of my children copies of custody and protective orders and emergency numbers.
  • I will tell________________ and ____________________ that I am no longer with my partner and ask them to call the police if they believe I or my children are in danger.

At Work and in Public Places

  • I can tell my boss, the security supervisor and _______________at work about this situation.
  • I can ask ___________________ to screen my calls at work.
  • I will protect myself when arriving at work by _________________________.
  • I will protect myself when leaving work by____________________________.
  • When traveling to and from work, if there is trouble, I will__________________.
  • I will carry a cell phone with me at all times.
  • I will vary my routines.
  • I will vary my route to and from usual destinations.
  • I will avoid places my partner is likely to find me (Laundromat, banks, stores, doctors offices, and night clubs I used before leaving).
  • I will also devise a safety plan for when I am out in public. I will have someone escort me to my car, bus or taxi.

Protection Order

  • I will keep my TPO/CPO with me at all times.
  • I will give a copy of my TPO/CPO to my closest friend/family.
  • If it gets destroyed or lost, I can get another copy from the County Clerk of Courts.
  • I will give a copy of my TPO/CPO to the police where I live.
  • I will give a copy to my children(s) schools, day care, etc.
  • I will report any violation of my TPO/CPO by my partner to the police.
  • I will call my advocate, my attorney, or my case manager if my partner violates the TPO/CPO.
  • I will call a domestic violence program if I have questions about how to enforce my TPO/CPO.
  • I will call a domestic violence program if I have trouble getting my TPO/CPO enforced.
  • I will renew my TPO/CPO when necessary to ensure safety.

Emotional Health

  • I will call ________________ if I feel lonely, depressed, confused about what to do next.
  • I will get a checkup at a doctor’s office.
  • If I have left my partner and I am considering returning, I will call_____________ before I make the decision.
  • I will remind myself daily of my strengths; they are: ____________________.
  • I will remind myself daily of my good qualities; they are: __________________ _________________________________________.
  • I will attend a support group to help build a support system.
  • I will go to workshops and take classes on domestic violence and recovering from domestic violence to get the information I need to grow beyond this experience.
  • I will take precautions not to drink alcohol or take drugs in a way that jeopardizes my safety.
  • I will read one or more books written for battered women recommended by my domestic violence program.
  • I will take other steps to feel stronger and more independent-these steps are_________________________________________________________.

24-Hour Crisis Hotline

(330) 823-7223

Safety Alert

Computer use can be monitored and it is impossible to completely clear. If you are afraid your internet and/or computer usage might be monitored, please use a safer computer, call your local hotline, and/or call the National Domestic Violence Hotline.

Safety Exit