The mission of the Alliance Area Domestic Violence Shelter is to empower and assist survivors of verbal, emotional,  financial, sexual, and physical abuse by providing education, resources, emergency shelter and transitional support services.


The Alliance Area Domestic Violence Shelter envisions a:

– Community-wide collaboration focused on breaking the cycle of abuse
– Reduction and prevention of abuse by educating individuals and the community
– Secure and supportive home environment to safely guide survivors toward a better future


The Alliance Area Domestic Violence Shelter values the life of each person affected by the abuse regardless of age, race, ethnicity, national origin, gender, disability/ability, sexual orientation, marital status, class, politics, religion or educational level. The Alliance Area Domestic Violence Shelter believes that all abuse is unacceptable, those who have been abused are not at fault, and all individuals have the right to live abuse-free lives.  Furthermore, the shelter’s guiding principle of empowering survivors of abuse to regain control of their lives is the framework upon which all programs and strategies are developed.

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