Paid Positions: Maintenance and Donations Coordinator

Hours: Part time, 15-20 hours/week


· Lift heavy items such as furniture; boxes of food, goods and clothing

· Frequently and safely climb stairs and ladders; (carry donations and goods to the attic and basement; carry furniture up and down flights of stairs, etc.)

· Perform physical labor such as mowing the lawn, snow removal, painting, moving furniture, landscaping, and general maintenance

· Drive the agency vehicle to transport clientele and pick up donations

Job Duties:

· Responsible for identifying and managing the maintenance of the interior and exterior of the shelter building such as cleaning, repairing, and performing general maintenance duties.

· Supervise and maintain the inventory of all goods of the shelter such as: food, clothing, paper products, toys, furnishings, personal care items, office supplies, and educational materials.

· Maintain all equipment including the furnace, air conditioners, appliances, hot water tank, and other equipment to ensure they are functioning properly and replace filters as needed.

· Responsible for providing supplies for the clients and assisting them in moving in and out of the facility.

· Maintaining security and confidentiality of the shelter.

· Responsible for picking up, processing and putting donations away.

· Transporting clients in the shelter van to appointments and such as needed.

· Upkeep and maintenance of the landscaping including: mowing the lawn, raking leaves, weeding, and snow and ice removal.

Position: Residential Support Staff

Hours: 24 hours/week working weekend days/nights

Qualifications: Minimum of high school diploma, No Criminal Background, Drug/Alcohol Free


To manage shelter during designated hours.

To help clients adjust to group/shared family living while being responsible for their safety and well-being.

Create and maintain a safe, caring and respectful environment for shelter residents.

To remain calm during crisis situations and multitask and prioritize efficiently.


· Assume total responsibility for maintaining and operating the shelter during the period of time on duty.

· Monitor compliance with all safety guidelines for shelter.

· Maintain a positive attitude toward obligations of job and interactions with shelter residents.

· Protect the client’s confidentiality.

· Conduct intakes of new residents, orient new residents to shelter, and facilitate departure interviews with residents as needed.

· Document information regarding client progress, incidents, maintenance needs and concerns.

· Conduct security checks of all doors and windows, and, when applicable, implement emergency procedures.

· Answer incoming calls on 24-hour hotline, provide crisis intervention, safety planning, perform initial shelter assessment and provide appropriate referrals. Answer crisis/emergency domestic violence calls, rape crisis calls, support calls, and other phone calls.

· Assist with data entry tasks and reporting requirements as needed.

· Monitor security equipment and respond swiftly and accurately to alarms and safety concerns. Implement emergency protocol as needed.

· Complete intakes, departing interviews, daily documentation and other necessary paper work and complete tasks as assigned. PO Box 3622 – Alliance, Ohio 44601 • Phone: 330-823-7223 • Fax: 330-823-6033 •

· Perform routine shelter maintenance, cleaning tasks and laundry as needed.

· Enforce all Shelter guidelines and protocols.

· Contact the On-Call staff member as needed.

· Perform other duties as assigned to ensure continued quality services to the clients of AADVS and to the community.

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