Volunteering at AADVS

AADVS always welcomes the valuable contribution of volunteers. The agency is flexible in terms of time commitment. However, due to the needs of our clients and the complexity and confident nature of our services, we typically require consistent and longer term commitment from volunteers. Volunteers become part of the bedrock of our organization, playing a critical role in our programs.

Who Can Volunteer?

Men and women over the age of 18 can volunteer. There are no minimum work or educational requirements to volunteer. A training session and process must take place prior to any volunteer hours being completed.

How Do Volunteers Get Started?

AADVS always accepts volunteers. Numerous training sessions are scheduled throughout the year. Those interested in volunteering should download the volunteer application, print it and fill it out, then return it to AADVS either by email (aadvs@neo.rr.com) or postal mail to PO Box 3622. Once your application is received an AADVS staff member will contact you to schedule a volunteer training.

Training Requirements

A training session is required for all volunteers at AADVS so that volunteers can be well prepared to do their jobs. Participation in a two-hour training session is mandatory.

Types of Volunteer Opportunities Available

Childcare Assistant: Assists mothers and shelter staff with child care in shelter. Duties include supervising children during support groups for survivors of domestic violence, reading to and playing with children, and/or creating group activities. Childcare assistants are particularly important because they allow parents to get the help they need without having to worry about their children’s safety. *Because this volunteer position works directly with children, a background check may be required.

General Maintenance/Cleaning: Assists in keeping the shelter clean and orderly. May be asked to complete minor maintenance tasks as needed/able.

Fundraising Committee Member: Work as part of a team planning and organizing one of AADVS’ annual fundraising events. Assist with obtaining auction/raffle items, event sponsors and advertisers, oversee event details/creative elements and help to publicize event. Opportunities are available throughout the year.

Development Department Assistant: A wide variety of development, public relations, and marketing opportunities are available depending on experience and interest. Assist with grant writing, special events, developing website content, newsletters, database entry, researching information or clerical/administrative support.

Donations Assistant: Assist staff with inventory and disbursement of donated items, returning donor phone calls, and picking up donations.

Volunteer Expectations

  • Keep all information, including location of shelter, confidential
  • Do not open outside doors
  • Do not answer shelter phones
  • Assume reasonable responsibility to keep commitments
  • Act in accordance with core values
  • Educate yourself on the subject/issues we serve
  • Notify staff immediately if you see a child being harmed, clients arguing, or any urgent situation
  • Act in a respectful, responsible manner in every situation

Dress Code

In order to better serve our clients, we must maintain a professional atmosphere. This includes proper attire, hygiene, attitude, and demeanor. A list of acceptable and unacceptable attire choices will be given during volunteer training.